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Consulting Services

Our consultants are available to help deliver what you need at any point in your development process!

Whether as an extension to your existing team at your site, or independent development at our site, we pay attention to the full development process — 
from system features through to qualification — and have experts who can help at each step.

  • System/IC architecture and specification development
  • Analog, mixed signal and digital design and verification
  • Layout design and physical Integration
  • Design management
  • Program and quality management
  • Product engineering management
  • Test development
  • Foundry management
  • Package and prototype
  • Board, FPGA and prototype development
  • Embedded micro-controller development
  • Control systems development
  • Systems engineering support – CONOPs, SEMP, etc.
“We know that managing
risk is essential to a
successful business and
our experts can help!”
– Randy Sandusky, VP Engineering
Program Risk