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Core Expertise

Core expertise in custom mixed signal IC development.

  • Expert 25+ member IC design and integration engineering team
  • In-house digital and analog EDA tools
  • Core ExpertiseLow noise and Ultra-low power analog IP
    • Data converters
      • SAR, Flash, Sigma-Delta, Incremental, Pipeline
    • Amplifiers and filters
    • Power management
      • Band-gaps, LDO, switching regulators
    • High voltage drivers, 40V+
    • Timing generators, PLL’s, low power oscillators
  • SOC IC digital IP
    • uP and DSP design and integration
      • ARM Cortex M0/M3, 8051, ARC, custom
      • AHB, AHB-Lite
    • Serial links, I2C, SPI, GPIO
    • DMA and memory controllers
    • DFT – Scan insertion, ATPG, MBist, LBist, JTAG and boundary scan