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Creative Engagement Models

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At Treehouse, we pride ourselves on our ability to see things from our client’s point of view. By understanding how what we do affects your business, we not only deliver to the specification but also a solution that fits your business.

Impedance matching, a term often used in the RF world, is to maximize energy transfer from one realm to another. That is our goal at Treehouse: To ‘impedance match’ with our customer so that communication, energy flow, efficiency and trust are maximized.  When trust is high, clear communication flows readily so that issues are resolved quickly.

We employ a flexible engagement model that is built on trust, and that recognizes that each customer’s organization, culture, business and product needs are unique. The Treehouse team has worked in a variety of organizations, on a variety of projects and at varying levels of implementation and management responsibility. This experience gives us the perspective and ability to ‘sync up’ with our customer’s operating style and model. One size does not fit all. Some customers have a full team, and just need Treehouse to perform one task as part of an existing project team. Others rely on us for a turnkey delivery.  Let us know how we can help!