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Crafting solutions to improve lives.

Treehouse is an engineering and product solutions company that delivers customer success through design elegance, systems thinking and the expert application of advanced technologies.  We aim to have a positive impact on the people we interact with on a daily basis, and together with our customers, craft solutions that make a difference in the world and ultimately improve lives.

Our focus on solutions, rather than a specific technology, allows optimal product configurations to emerge, giving our customers the competitive edge they seek.

The Treehouse name

Inspiring creative imaginations to make new discoveries.

For Treehouse’s founder, Glenn Noufer, and the leadership and engineering staff, a tree house represents a place to transcend the ordinary, to inspire creative imaginations and nurture a sense of infinite possibilities forming on the horizon – a place where the windows are always open.

A tree house, by virtue of where it rests, must continuously adjust to a changing environment. The world’s markets, technologies and business models continue to evolve, and those who work at Treehouse know we must too. By welcoming continued growth and being flexible, we at Treehouse can confidently leave solid ground and climb higher together with our clients, bringing all that we know to exploring ideas and technologies.

Our customers know, and so do we, that markets are ever changing, that current technology is tomorrow’s commodity, and that to successfully deliver market solutions requires the ability to innovate based on today’s technologies, with an eye towards the future. It is in this space – engaging with evolving technologies to make new discoveries – that the Treehouse staff most enjoys working and where they thrive. Through years of experience in a wide range of industries and varied technologies, our seasoned engineers have gained valuable expertise and well-developed intuition that tells them when to freeze a specification and when to leave room for change, as they work to develop products that last.

At Treehouse, we enjoy the challenge of developing lasting, win-win customer relationships through which we create cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.