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A Message from the Founder

Relationships built on trust, expertise and execution.

Glenn Noufer, President
I 've learned a lot in my 30-year engineering career. When I began at Motorola in 1980, I was focused very narrowly on designing SRAMs. Almost as an end to itself, I thought the “system” began and ended inside the packaged integrated circuit (IC). My view that the IC was the center of the system’s universe remained largely unchanged even as I transitioned to managing the development of automotive mixed-signal ICs. Fortunately, in the late eighties, I started a decade-long stint at Ford Motor Company in Michigan where I helped jump-start its Hybrid-Electric Vehicle programs.  At Ford, I learned a tremendous amount about how technology is used, developed and sometimes abandoned; how business needs and market timing, and technology constraints and product requirements, all play a part in determining whether an IC design or a car launch will be successful. My view of the system and the boundaries I needed to care about, had expanded greatly.

In short, I learned that there is a certain Feng Shui to engineering, that by paying attention to the larger system we can craft the optimal solution. At Treehouse, the solution with the highest value to our customer’s business results from more than just designing to a component specification. It comes about after considering what is needed within the context of the client’s business, market and culture, and within the supply chain of partners and vendors that are so necessary in today’s fast moving and competitive global landscape. To accomplish this, we at Treehouse develop relationships built on trust, expertise and execution, and that are “win-win” – the only sustainable relationships.

Treehouse was founded in 1996 based on these principles, and has evolved from pure IC services to now include product development and manufacturing. Over the past several years, we have developed an expertise in the medical and mil-aero arenas and we are poised – as never before – to develop and deliver solutions that matter!