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Our History

Treehouse GroupFrom products and services to innovative solutions.

Treehouse (formerly Treehouse Design) was founded in 1996 and began as a mixed-signal design services company with clients ranging from start-ups to large multi-nationals such as STmicro, nVidia and ONsemi. Over the past several years, Treehouse’s vision has evolved to that of a solutions company – whether developing an ASIC or a piece of test equipment we seek to create the optimal system solution for our customers.

We expanded our toolkit to include module design, systems modeling and turnkey product development to our already deep experience in IC development. With these additions, we now deliver a wider array of technology-enabled products, solutions and services to our customers.

As time went on, it became clear that to deliver best-in-world value to our customers we would need to look globally to find world-class expertise at globally competitive rates, and that provided a broadening set of capabilities to our toolkit. As it turned out, the perfect partner was in our own backyard. The founder of PI Designs on Silicon and Grupo Quasares that are both based in Aguascalientes, Mexico, was living in Colorado Springs.

Grupo QuasaresDelivering best-in-world value through strong relationships.

The Grupo Quasares engineers have extensive experience developing electro-mechanical systems for industrial and automotive applications for customers including Flextronics and Nissan. PI Designs on Silicon has provided ASIC/IC design services for customers in the US and Canada and that include Atmel and ON Semiconductor.

Treehouse has collaborated with PI Designs (PI) and Grupo Quasares (GQ) over the last decade on various ASIC, systems and manufacturing projects for customers across North America. We have discovered that together, we are able to develop and deliver more complete ASIC and system solutions to our customers, and at best in world quality and pricing.

In 2012, Treehouse, PI and GQ merged to offer the competitive services and solutions that our customers expect. We have established common processes and methodologies and working teams that leverage the best of our resources to bring the highest value to our customers.