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Development Examples


  • Turn-key mixed signal neuro-sense/stim SOC IC
    • Multi-channel EP sense and stimulation AFE, EEG, ECG
    • 018um HV (40v) CMOS process
    • Embedded uP with ULP digital sub-system
  • Ultra-sonic heart monitor IC
    • Sports/fitness applications
    • ULP design, 0.35um CMOS process
  • Analog IP development, misc. medical applications (customers)
    • 16b ADC, blood chemistry sensor, 0.5um HV (10v) CMOS process
    • ULP xtal oscillators , blood chemistry sensor, 0.18u CMOS process
    • HV charge pump, neuro-stim, 0.35um HV (50v) CMOS process


Tech Foundries

Mil/Aero and Industrial

  • Turn-key ASIC for fiber optic transceiver module
    • Custom transceiver IC, 0.6u Bi-CMOS
    • Concept, development, test and production
  • Optical detection/timing recovery IC
    • Laser imaging application
    • 0.18um SiGe process
  • Phased array radar beam-former IC
    • 18Ghz LNA/passive delay lines
    • 30Ghz SP4T switches
    • SiGe process
  • Hi-speed I/O IP
    • 2GHz LVDS, PCIx drivers,
      Programmable DDR2/3 memory I/F IO
    • 90nm CMOS process

And some of the blocks that help YOU create your CONSUMER applications!

  • RF/Analog/Mixed Signal Elements
  • High Resolution/Dynamic Range DACs & ADCs
  • Low Power, Precision Op Amps
  • Bandgap References, Voltage Regulators
  • Ultra-low Power Low Voltage Crystal Oscillators
  • Interface Circuits:  LVDS, PECL, CMOS, etc..
  • RF Circuits
  • VCO, Mixer, PFD, High Freq. Buffers
  • Fractional-N & Integer Dividers
  • Baseband AGCs & Filters
  • Frequency Synthesizers, PLL/DLL & Clock Recovery
    • Fractional-N & Sigma-Delta Architectures
    • Low Phase Noise, Low Power
    • 1MHz to 3GHz
  • Digital Blocks - SPI, UARTs, Filters, etc.