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Delivering high-quality products and solutions with nimbleness and flexibility.

Our customers know that technology can propel their business forward. Some have a deep understanding of technologies and how to apply them to advance their product march, and yet they come to Treehouse because the skills needed to develop those technologies and products – and that Treehouse provides – are not core to their business. Others have an idea that technology can revolutionize their product portfolio and business, but they aren’t sure how. Our technologists and product development experts work with our customers to explore ways technology can be applied to greatest advantage and to create a development plan that makes sense for their business.

We understand each customer is unique and work with each to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products and solutions. Treehouse also invests energy and attention to learning the other business goals our customers wish to achieve through their investment.  To accomplish this we:

      • Ensure outstanding customer service by learning customer-specific needs through close collaboration and effective communication that focuses not just on what is said, but what is meant;
      • Understand which core technologies and IP our customers want to retain to reduce development cost, risk and time for future product developments;
      • Closely manage third-party relationships to inform technology roadmaps, minimize development risk and maximize ROI; and
      • Deliver high-quality products and solutions by responding with nimbleness and flexibility to often evolving program needs and changes throughout the course of each project.

It is our intention to develop and grow strong long-term relationships focused on long-lived multi-project engagements. Many of our customers come to us through referrals, and they return because we served them well. These customers realize that creating a relationship is an investment and they want to leverage that investment into the future. 

It is our intention to develop and deliver the highest quality solutions that strike the right customer-specific balance of cost, schedule and performance. – Glenn Noufer, President