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With over 300 collective years of product design, development and manufacturing experience,
Treehouse offers complete product development and manufacturing solutions.

dispatch system administrationIn the design and development phase, Treehouse uses a disciplined approach to engineering that balances modeling and simulation with experimental evaluations. We use prototype fabrication to validate these concepts and to help you evaluate how the product can fit into your overall system. These early prototypes can be used in conjunction with FMEA tools, to allow overall program risk to be reduced. Subsequent versions move the design towards production by focusing on validating function, reliability, manufacturability and cost Together with our subsidiary, Grupo Quasares, the experts at Treehouse can help infuse your products with a practical dose of technology. As needed, Treehouse engineers can work with you in a thorough and creative process of evaluating options based on product needs, budget and timing. This can help chart a course through myriad technical approaches that might be possible. We have tight relationships with a wide range of suppliers and maintain close watch on the ever-changing technical landscape that allows us to optimally combine technologies to yield unique and market changing solutions.

Security Alarm SystemWe use a rigorous development process to ensure your production needs are met, through a combination of custom in-house and qualified supplier capabilities, which are usually established with direct customer involvement. With a continued focus on improving quality and cost, we can collectively ensure that the competitive advantage that Treehouse brings to the initial design will remain a competitive
advantage as your market evolves.

YOU maintain control of the overall project.

YOU manage your employee headcount. 

YOU get the solutions you need, from experts that know, from the word, "GO!"


“We work with customers to craft solutions – not just build ‘things’.” – Dinah Lopez, VP Operations