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Core Expertise

The Treehouse team, including our tight partner network, has what it takes to make your vision a reality. 

Our team members have devloped high-voltage power supplies and modulators for high-power microwave amplifiers, are familiar with wide bandgap power semiconductors and have developed DC-to-DC converters for high -volume automotive applications, and electric hybrid vehicles and all the systems required to make it go - batteries, wheel motors - and that ensure they slow - regenerative braking and drive by wire control systems.

We use our experience across a broad range of technologies including integrated circuits, image sensors, RF Systems, MEM’s, various sensors, state-of-the-art packaging techniques and systems engineering, to engage with our customers to define YOUR product.  We are ready to support your development efforts during any and all phases of development - from concept to YOUR customer!

Our experience runs the gamut from design of components to integrating a complex system, and from low- to high-volume production.  For example, our team members have taken MEMs accelerometers for airbags from R&D through to high-volume production and have developed electric hybrid vehicles and developed custom packaging for low-volume boutique applications. Some highlights of our skills are: