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Modeling and Simulation

Optical Transceiver Module

Treehouse employs several analytical tools and methods for developing microsystems.  These include Solid Works for packaging, advanced EXCEL spreadsheet modeling to Matlab and Simulink for control systems development and SPICE for electrical design.

One example of how we employ modeling and simulation as part of product development was in the development of the electronics for high-performance in-ear monitors for musicians and ‘audiofiles’.  A supplier of microphones and speakers provided us with electronic SPICE analogs for the mechanical speaker units. One of our engineers was able to incorporate these libraries into SPICE and simulate the performance of the earpieces with the inclusion of electronics analogs of: the drivers themselves; the acoustic small tubes (routing the sound); acoustic dampeners; and resistors and capacitors used for the crossover networks. This whole concept of designing with the SPICE analogs was proven with this product which included five speakers in each ear with crossovers, dampeners and tubes. This reduced the customer’s average number of prototype iterations by over a factor of five, saving development time and budget and reducing time to revenue!